Zum 10. Jahrestag


I cannot find any proof of any conspiracy that really existed,
 that was brought into court and convicted,
that lasted more than ten years
before everybody double-crossed everybody else,
 and the conspiracy fell apart.

- Robert Anton Wilson -





On 09/11/2001 United Airlines General Manager of Customer Service Teresa A. Rizzuto. provided the below listed Special Agent SA of the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI with the following items:
 Thirty-eight 38 airline boarding passes used by passengers to board United Airlines flight ninety-three 93 on 09/11/2001 at Gate seventeen 17 of terminal A at Newark International Airport.



Quelle: 911myths


“Bordkarten gibt es nicht”
 (Elias Davidson via, 20.09.2009, via, 30.05.2009)

“Ihre Bordkarten waren nirgendwo vorgezeigt worden.”
 (Elias Davidson via, Oktober 2011)